Energy production

Harnessing the power of the earth, wind and sun can not only provide free or substantially cheaper energy for your community – it can make a great sustainable business, generating a steady income stream.village in the snow

Best of all, the technology has come a long way in recent years and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Renewable energy can play an important part in reducing CO2 emissions.

Energy can be generated in a number of ways – through wind farms, hydro or solar power, or anaerobic digestion to produce biogas – so there’s bound to be a solution to suit your village’s location.

Communities are already running successful windfarms and hydro-electric plants.

There are also community enterprises which are providing free or greatly reduced energy to community services in their area, such as the village hall and church.

There are a great number of communities looking to establish their own renewable energy enterprise in the near future.  Technology is changing all the time and becoming increasingly accessible.  Communities can now consider wind power, hydroelectric, solar power and anaerobic digestion as potential options depending on local circumstances.

Next steps

Get community support for your idea or read how others have have put their energy to good use. Visit Village Communities to find other local enterprises making the most of their natural – and local – resources. Or check out these useful organisations: