Heritage and tourism

Tourism is an important sector of the rural economy and many local businesses such as shops, pubs, bed and breakfasts and restaurants rely on tourism for part – or most – of their business.scenic view of fields

From accommodation like hotels and campsites to destinations such as village museums, there are plenty of options for creating places where people can stay – and pay – their way.

Community enterprises can play a huge role in promoting and supporting tourism in local areas. For example, the community could run village museums and tourist information centres.  They could also run accommodation of different types like campsites, hotels and bed and breakfasts, independently or as part of a wider venture.

Community enterprises can make sure that historical assets important to tourism are retained and used appropriately through community ownership. The appeal of these kinds of businesses can be strengthened by selling local products.

Next steps

Get community support for your idea or read how others have attracted tourism to their villages. Visit Village Communities to connect with other communities looking to put themselves on the tourist trail. Or check out these useful organisations: