From a community minibus to car clubs to ‘dial-a-ride’, transport services can bring a whole new sense of freedom to village on a bus

As people in rural areas know, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to access vital services as local outlets become unviable and close down. This means rural people are losing out on being able to access education, health, retail, leisure and specialist services for children and older people.

Combined with these closures, public transport in rural communities is limited; many communities are only able to access transport services a couple of times a day, and some only a couple of times per week.

But villages are finding that in many cases, they hold the key to unlocking affordable solutions to their transport problems by working in partnership with a range of providers to develop their own community transport enterprises.

Some run scheduled bus journeys, providing services to the most remote rural communities, while some provide on-demand transport like ‘dial-a-ride’. Others have established car clubs or even purchased a minibus for use by the local community. 

Next steps

Get community support for your idea or read how others have a success of local transport initiatives. Visit Village Communities to find other communities that have put themselves in the driving seat. Or check out the Community Transport Association for more information.