Village SOS Roadshow 2012

Posted: 26/03/2012

The Village SOS Roadshow is back, providing information, inspiration and advice to rural communities across England, Scotland and Wales for FREE.

Visiting 11 locations in England, Scotland and Wales, the Roadshow will help people in rural areas to start community enterprises that will breathe new life into their village.

As well as hearing inspirational talks, the events will give you with the chance to vote on key issues, talk to sector experts, share with local practitioners and discuss ideas in 1-to-1 surgeries with a range of exhibitors.

The Roadshow will provide a fantastic platform for you and your community to find out how to start or enhance your community enterprise.

Find your nearest event and book your FREE place today.

Monday 2 July London - Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre

Registration will open from 9.45am for refreshments, exhibits and networking. Delegates will be asked to be seated at 10:15am. The day will finish at 3.30pm and include a complimentary lunch and refreshments.



“The Village SOS Roadshow was a most worthwhile experience. We really liked hearing of other communities that have been successful in their projects and how they achieved this. There were very informative workshops, many interesting speakers and the opportunity to speak to other organisations in the same situation as us. We came away with a lot of contacts, a lot of information and a lot of motivation to keep going!”
Village SOS Roadshow Scotland 2011 attendee

“Excellent event - informative, uplifting and inspiring!”
Village SOS Roadshow East Midlands 2011 attendee

“It was great to network with others and to offer and receive advice. The talks were engaging and to have funders all under one roof gave a unique opportunity to find the right direction in which to take our plans for a cafe to the next level.”
Village SOS Roadshow South West 2011 attendee

“This event was very helpful to us. Gaining information on how to finance our project and who can help access funds was invaluable. We came away feeling that we had access to a whole network of professionals to rely on for support and information and knowing that many others have started with nothing more than a vision, but they have succeeded.”
Village SOS Roadshow Wales 2011 attendee

“The sharing of experiences and the quality professional support on offer gives the confidence to move the project forward.”
Village SOS Roadshow East of England 2011 attendee

“The whole experience was very well planned and put together to give the attendee an experience that would help any one considering putting together any community project.”
Village SOS Roadshow Yorkshire 2011 attendee


Geoff Crolley

Geoff Crolley on 12/04/2012 16:01

I agree with Ian above, you should perhaps join forces with rural Gateway and then you would be able to look at shires which have been affected by pit & factory closures over the last 30 years.New Cumnock is one such ex-mining town, now village, which has been runner-down to the Carbuncle Award on a couple of occasions, even though £millions leave the parish each & every month: Coal, timber, water, electricity, etc.

The money is there but not being spent on a sustainable future. You could help.

Here's hoping.


Cheers, Geoff

Joseph Garvey

Joseph Garvey on 11/04/2012 16:24

Northern Ireland. No show for us. We buy lottery tickets too and we are still part of the UK

Max Community Manager

Max Community Manager on 04/04/2012 14:59

Thanks for the information. Our venue in Lincoln, The Showroom, will be outside of where the relay is taking place. There may be a few road closures but we will advise everyone attending on how to avoid this and any impact on public transport should be minimal.

You may also have seen that they are hosting an evening celebration at 4pm, after our event has finished. Why not make the day of it by attending the Village SOS Roadshow in the day and then see the Olympic torch relay festivities?

Community Manager

Karen  Froggatt

Karen Froggatt on 04/04/2012 11:58


Unfortunately this is not a good date for the roadshow in Lincolnshire as it is the day the Olympic Torch travels through Lincolnshire. Is it too late to change the date?

Max Community Manager

Max Community Manager on 28/03/2012 15:19

When organising the locations for the Village SOS roadshows, we tried to create as wide a geographical spread as possible across the UK. We appreciate that access and transport is a major problem in some areas of the UK so we had to maintain a balance between the previously mentioned geographical spread and finding venues with appropriate facilities to hold events of this scale.

A comprehensive set of resources from each roadshow including presentations, photos and videos will be made available online for everyone to view after each event. There will also be a live Twitter feed from every event and archives of all of these will be made available as part of the online resource package.

Last year, communities really enjoyed the events, finding them both inspiration and informative, and we’re really looking forward to sharing ideas and advice with as many communities as possible again this spring!


Community manager

Grant Peisley

Grant Peisley on 27/03/2012 09:58

Am I right in thinking that out of the 11 Roadshows there is only one on Scotland and one in Wales? Leaving England with 9 Roadshows!

Ian Dolan-Betney

Ian Dolan-Betney on 27/03/2012 09:27

I do find myself in sympathy with Gary Sutherland regarding the location of meetings.

We are planning to start a village shop in Killin on the shores of Loch Tay, in what is the centre of Scotland. As distinct from the central belt which is in the south!

I can undertsand that we will inevitably have to travel to these events but a 9:45 requires a 7am start, and we will be exhausted before the event starts.

Maybe one solution is for those at Village SOS work with the Rural Gateway in Scotland as they both seem to be wanting to do the same thing.

If they need a venue we have a lovely lottery funded one they could use called the Big Shed.


Killin Community Enterprises

Max Community Manager

Max Community Manager on 27/03/2012 09:09

I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to make it, Gary. However, there will be resources available on this site from the day soon after the event, and you will be able to follow proceedings via a live Twitter feed using a specified hashtag - this will be promoted nearer the time.


Gary Sutherland

Gary Sutherland on 26/03/2012 21:52

Thanks for the reply, Max, but Inverness? Another city, although *only* a two hour drive for me, each way.

A lot of people seem to have no concept of just how sparsely populated a nation we are, and how poorly connected much of the road network is.

As for making it down to Dunfermline, utterly impossible.

Max Community Manager

Max Community Manager on 26/03/2012 13:27

Hi Gary

I’m sorry you’re disappointed by the location of the Scotland roadshow. We are trying to create as great a spread of locations as we can for the roadshows throughout the year.

In November 2011 we held a roadshow in Inverness which was well attended by people from the Highlands and Islands and in the interests of fairness, we felt the need to hold the next roadshow in a location further south in Scotland.

I do hope that you can spare the time to attend the event, and apologies again for any difficulties you may have in getting there.


Community Manager


Gary Sutherland

Gary Sutherland on 26/03/2012 11:51

Very disappointed to see you have only scheduled one venue in Scotland, and hardly in what most of us up here would describe as a very rural area - just a short distance from Edinburgh.

Have you any idea how much travelling would be involved for those of us living in the Highlands and Islands to attend this event, yet these are just the kind of communities with the most to gain from Village SOS?

Next time you're planning these events give some thought to coming further north than the central belt. People do live up here, you know.